Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Petition to Members of Parliament

The Liberals and NDP seem poised to form an alternative
government by joining forces in a coalition -- supported by the
separatist Bloc Quebecois. This unholy alliance is saying they simply
want to spend more money to stimulate the economy, but when asked for
details, they don't have an answer. Apparently they're prepared to take
the "ready, shoot, aim" approach to spending and sign blank cheques to
bail out industries in financial trouble without even knowing what will
actually help specific industries, without knowing what Barak Obama has
planned, and without working in concert with the other G-20 countries.
It's a recipe for a fiscal disaster.

More importantly, it's a democratic disaster. During the
campaign, Liberal leader Stephane Dion said he would not and could not
have a coalition with the NDP, because their policies would destroy the
economy. Apparently that principled position has now gone out the
window. Now we have the prospect of the Liberals (with 77 seats)
joining with the NDP (with 37 seats) to unseat the democratically
elected Conservatives (with 143 seats). Of course, the only way to do
that would be with the support of the separatist Bloc Quebecois, who
bring their votes to the table in exchange for their separatist agenda.
The three left-leaning parties in Parliament are willing to risk it all
in order to gain power through the back door, power that was denied to
them in a general election.

An organization called Canadians for Democracy has put
together a petition urging Members of Parliament not to change
governments without an election. Given the speed at which the
Liberal/NDP/ Bloc coalition is moving towards their goal of overthrowing
the duly elected Government of Canada without an election, the petition
should probably be addressed to the Governor General. But the coalition
is moving very quickly and I urge anyone who would oppose the potential
coalition to sign this petition:

The Petition


attention of the House to the following:

THAT in the recent federal election concluded October
14th, 2008 Canadian voters provided the Conservative Party with a clear
and strengthened mandate to lead Canada through the current global
economic crisis.

THAT the opposition are looking to impose an unstable,
unelected Liberal-NDP-separatist coalition that during said election
they promised they would not entertain, with the Liberal leader
expressly rejecting such a move as being bad for the economy.

THAT Canadians have the democratic right to choose who
will govern them and not have a surprise Prime Minister chosen through
an unseemly and undemocratic backroom deal.

THEREFORE your petitioners call upon Members of
Parliament to oppose any political arrangement that would replace Her
Majesty's democratically elected government without first consulting
Canadians in an open and democratic election.

Sign the petition at:
. It takes only a couple of minutes
and may help to save Canadian democracy.

Sincerely yours,




Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but in a minority government situation a coalition can assume power. That the Libs, NDP and BQ were slow on the uptake is their mistake.

Harper's mistake is that he thought he had supreme power to do as he wishes. This is called dictatorship. Under our constitution, dictatorship is the rule of law unless Parliament is in a minority situation. What is happening in Ottawa is democracy, with all its warts and evils.

I'll take democracy over dictatorship any day. Sorry Johnathon B. go back and read your old social Studies book, its all there, you just forgot.


If I had my way I wold fire every sitting MP and start from scratch.

Anonymous said...

I suspect some Liberals are really closet separatists, which is probably why they are so reticent to support true Liberals like Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff.