Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday, lawyer and former prosecutor, Peter Ritchie made headlines across the nation accusing the BC Government of making the courts accessible only to the rich.

He pointed out that his two young clients attempting to sue BC Ferries could hardly afford the $60,000 in costs to stand up in court.

Today, Mr Blather-Dither Himself, Attorney-General, Wally Opaque, says he's been mulling ideas for four years that would reduce those costs.

His "ideas," like the fine fellow his own true self are pure smoke as usual.

The Trail Lawyers Association responded immediately saying that Oppal's ïdeas"would cause more harm then good.

We ask again:

What is this PR flack doing in public office?


Gary said...

David, Mr. Ofal has based his "career" as a Public Servant on being in total "agreement" with whatever the hot button of the day is, and then proceeding to do NOTHING about rectifying the issue at hand. This is a method that has served him well. I don't see him changing this approach in the near or distant future. However perhaps I am being too jaded in my estimation of him. After all, he has only had FOUR YEARS to act on the travesty that you have spelled out.... perhaps he only requires another two or three terms in Office to act.

Cheers, Gary.

Martino said...

Best part of yesterday....when Wally Oppal was being interviewed by Deb Hope of Global and was asked why BC won't bring their legal fees charged to the public in line with Ontario and Alberta...Wally got pissed and started blubbering (instead of giving a decent, easy answer like "We're looking into it"), saying that it wouldn't have mattered in this case since "blame" had already been accepted by the Ferry Corp. That's some real confidence in the legal system you run there Wally...

Anonymous said...

Wally Awful, is such a myopic buffoon - do not respect him, just mock him. When this beautiful province is ruined by the elites, names such as Opal, Campbell, and Falcon will be used in derision and contempt.

NRF said...

The following quote, I think, may be from an interview with Wally Oppal about a robbery,

"We believe this to be the work of thieves, and I'll tell you why. The whole pattern is very reminiscent of past robberies where we have found thieves to be involved. The tell-tale loss of property - that's one of the signs we look for."

Perhaps having Wally as AG is worthwhile because it means he don't do no judgin'.

David Berner said...

Dear NRF,

Are you sure this quote is from Wally O?

It sure sounds exactly like Inspector Clouseau.

Whoever said it, it is terribly funny.

If, in fact, Opaque said it, he is an even bigger clown than I ever realized.

NRF said...

I thought the line about "the judgin'" would give away the source, which is Peter Cook as E.L. Wisty, a bland know-it-all who had a meaningless comment for everything. I think Peter first used the character in Beyond the Fringe but Wisty reappeared through Cook's career. He had many interests, including newts, tadpoles and peace through nudism.

NRF said...

E.L. Wisty talks about experiences down the mine, on YouTube:

(Listen well to the last minute.)

Anonymous said...

"I'd rather be a judge than a's the absence of falling coal..."

Well - there will soon be a lot of falling coal along the Canada Line, for those who have been hired to defend the unconscionable decision to cut-and-cover-up our livelihoods.

As for costs of litigation in this, the most undemocratic province in Canada - what have the army of defendants been paid - with our tax dollars - to fight the claims by these small businesses for their OBVIOUS harm?

How many millions of dollars did all the contracts between all the P3 partners cost, going back over 5 years now?

This project should never have proceeded as it has, and the continuing negligence is a national disgrace.

As for future projects in BC -
Caveat Emptor.

Anonymous said...

You'd expect any different from StoneWally?

NRF said...

Well, our Liberal friends are about to do the largest P3 deal yet: replacement of or supplement to the Port Mann bridge. Since their friends don't want to risk their own money, the province will borrow perhaps $750 million to put into the project. And, a few more billion for the remainder of the Gateway Project.

Are we happy with the people that sold themselves as competent money managers? Today, we have the almost $1 billion convention centre, the Olympics debacle that burns over $1 billion, the fuel-hog slow ferries for $350 million and the Canada line that squashed many small businesses.

This great management record earned senior staff raises up to 35% this fiscal year. Imagine how much we'd have to pay them without the financial screw-ups.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Wally Awful wanted to run in South Delta, where he lives, I believe.

Living in South Delta, I have had two telephone polls all mentioning Wally Awful, the last one almost desperate (there was fear in the voice of the pollster).

He is not running in South Delta, I guess the polls have given him unhappy news.