Saturday, January 31, 2009


"Negotiations are priveleged and confidential."

That's a federal government lawyer speaking in a now convoluted case in which a reporter has been banned from hisright to report the news...specifically the news of the Liberal sponsorship scandal known as Adscam.

Read the whole Globe story here.

Then help me with this question.

"Negotiations are priveleged and confidential..."

Even when they are part of a criminal conspiracy?


Anonymous said...

see. David. I am not surprised. Corporations usually use the confidentiality agreement to hide the truth away from general public. After watching the movie, INSIDER, starring Al Pacino, and Australian pride, I gained new insights into the scandalous nature of corporation lawsuits. To use tobacco company as an example. Tobacco company almost never lost a single case in court, mostly due to their crazy spending on lawyers. These lawyers must be devils. They can cheat the juries one time after another, albeit the fact that everybody knows what tobacco companies made their dirty money by hurting people's health. The seven tobacco CEOs, referred to as the SEVEN DWARFS, sworn under oath in Congress that they didn't know cigarettes are addictive. Of course, those companies also use violence and coercive tactics to scare the hell out of witnesses. For employees, also known as insiders, companies usually force them to sign confidentiality agreements which prohibit them from "leaking" important business secrets. That's right. Because business secrets are so important that even if they contain information concerning public well-being, they can't be revealed.

So this must be the democracy that inspired envy from around the globe, ah? Genuine democracy won't take place until power domination disappears.

I think there are two ways to get real democracy. One is we fight for it. The other is to be granted by alien invaders. Of course, if we don't fight for control of our lives, then it won't take too long until aliens come.


A. G. Tsakumis said...

Is the judge a freind of Chretien's?

You have to wonder...