Thursday, January 22, 2009


On Tuesday, I wrote in this space about how the Olympics & the City are putting an end to expression of opinion. (The Anti-Democracy.)

Yesterday, I wrote about how the Olympics was abandoning all dignity by taking money from an elixir for the suffering masses. (Selling your Soul.)

Today, the news from the high mountain peaks off Sport is positively heart-breaking.

Here is the headline of Gary Mason's astonishing column in the Globe:

IOC sinks to new low by severing ties with charity

World Olympic body has banned Right to Play from 2010 Games and ended its relationship with the humanitarian group

Right to Play is a highly regarded humanitarian organization that advocates using sport to improve the lives of children in some of the most disadvantaged and distressed corners of the globe. Its president and founder is Johann Koss, a four-time Olympic gold-medal speed skater from Norway.

The organization has made an apparently fatal blunder. It has secured some financial support from Mitsubishi Motors.

The official sponsor of the 2010 Games is GM, who, by the way, has just stopped giving Tiger his Buicks and is withdrawing its long-time association with the PGA.

This kind of conflict in the heady world of the IOC is so intractable that the only solution for the august body of arrogant airheads has been to tell Right To Play that is has no.

No Right to Play, that is.

It is gone, verboten, banished, finished, sent to its room for a long, long time out.

Excuse me.

Can we go back for just a minute?

The Olympics? Duh?

The embodiment, the glorification of Peace and Cooperation, the bringing together of all the peoples of the earth in a few days of celebrating the best that we can offer?

There is no stopping this train wreck. It is THE OLYMPICS. You might as well try to decry God or motherhood.

In London, today it was announced that the government will pour hundred of millions of taxpayers dollars into their 2012 Games. We are not alone.

Clearly, like so many other institutions that began with the noblest of ideals, this copper coin has been fatally tarnished by money, by greed, by ego, by all the human frailties that visit us each day.

Ban a children's charity?

They keep smiling and passing the buck, while destroying their own franchise.

Men Without Shame.


Anonymous said...

This is just a 'Welfare for the Rich' scheme. They use the sports as a different way to grease their greed. And you can bet they only travel first class while the athletes travel steerage. ( Like the politicians at Vimy First class digs for them and 4 to a room for the vets.)
This is a true case of the elite making sure they look after themselves as the new "Royalty'.

Anonymous said...

Gordo and his pals fit right in with the IOC and their malignant lot.

What a charade, what a corrupt, evil organization the IOC is and we will give them every tax dollar we can to "let the show go on."

Anyone with any morality at all, should boycott this elitist event, full of millionaire wannabes, supported by jocks who don't have a shred of manhood.

Anyone who supports this ugly event should hang their heads in shame. A pox on the Olympic house!

Not Your Wife said...

I wonder if Koss's ex-wife, Belinda Stronach, helped him match up with Mitsubishi.

They met while she was leading some kind of charge to reform the Olympics. Of course, she likes she those strapping sporty/political types.

What a curious story.

Anonymous said...

"Right to Play" can come over to Cambie Street...and join our group called "Right to not go Bankrupt".

Keep smiling, VANOC, and pass the backhoe.