Friday, February 27, 2009


The current vogue in campuses across Canada is pro-Palestinian rallies.

Signs proclaiming the "Israeli Apartheid" are as commonplace as bank machines and Tim Hortons. The virus of anti-Israel sentiment is very much alive and well in our halls.

Of course, I hate these signs and I cry for the sheer blind stupidity of decent young people who want to show their concern for the world by hitching their outrage to a wildly mistaken and misinformed ideal.


Until they yell at me something hateful - and they haven't yet, even though I have argued with them at the college where I work - I support, through gritteed teeth, their right to free expression.


Anonymous said...

Poor David. I know you are a good Jew. I agree with you that sometimes our sympathy for the suffered and deprived can turn us into hatred machines. I condemn the Israeli government for continually suppressing and brutally killing innocent people. The government of Israel is acting no more than a sacred kid who happens to have the military support of the greatest power on earth. Gentiles must understand that Jews are without homes for longer than history can remember. Jews have really struggled, harder than any of us can ever conceive. However, today the Israeli government is becoming more and more hardened on its position to apply military force to subdue the Pales. I support a two state solution which will bring peace to the ravaged Middle East. Sure Israel's got more advanced ways of defeating the opposing forces. that doesn't make them the evil guys automatically. because I believe had the Pales got nuclear weapons, Jerusalem would have been wiped out so that a fly can't escape. Stupid religious matters always come up to be used as excuses to kill. Whether it's the Pales who madly think that the Jews don't deserve any land. or it's the Jews who are doing nasty things to protect their own security. People have to know two things and must absolutely agree on those two things.

1. Jews have the claim to the land. Whether it's a result of a recent British mandate or whatever the case it is. They have lived there and there is no way they can return this land to the Pales.

2. We are above all things like religion, nationality, human beings. To gain happiness, we must behave gently and avoid conflicts. We must use our intelligence to resolve conflicts not our guts. Religion and nationality should come second to our human identity. Where's our compassion, forgiveness, love, tolerance? Isn't that what the religious leaders have been preaching? Are we stupid or are we just mad? Why is that we even accept our holiest texts such as the Bible and Koran as justification for killing and inflicting pain


Anonymous said...

David, I see a resurgence of anti-semitism in this country (Canada is indeed a land of bigots) and one wonders why?

Jewish people don't knock at the door proselytizing their religion. They don't kill family members who disgrace the family. They don't want the world to convert to their religion. It is a puzzle to me why they are held to ridicule?

Religion is a cult, legitimized by the government with tax exemptions, special laws and rules. I say let all religious orders pay their real taxes on lands they own, just like you and me.

I would also wager that the Jewish religious orders would be first to pay up!