Friday, February 27, 2009

How to get it done

On the other hand...

If you want to read a really positive story about reducing crime, read Jeffrey Simpson in today's Globe about the Winnipeg community of Point Douglas.

Here's a community that turned itself around from drug dealers and crack houses and street violence by the courage of first one man, then others, and a zero tolerance for bad behaviour.

Imagine such a thing in the DTES.

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Anonymous said...

A positive story indeed. I could not recall exactly *where* Point Douglas was, as it has been a long, long time - so I Google mapped it.
Ah, yes, I remember it well now. When I was a very young child I used to walk and ride my bike through that area, possibly returning from viewing the train at the Royal Alex - or passing up the streetcar and bus on the way home from Girl Guides - as I lived in a little house in Elmwood. No young girl would be doing that of late I imagine.

While browsing I found these wonderful old Manitoba post cards/photographs - Manitoba Memories....

How times have changed.