Friday, February 27, 2009

Not One Dime

Barack Obama's stimulus budget may or may not be the answers to the world's ills.

Who, beside the Republicans, are smart enough to say?

But his speech to Congress the other night was once again magnificent and inspiring. It was so refreshing to see a North American leader encourage citizens to do well and to be well and to aspire to something useful. Some serious and welcome change from the previous eight years.

Now, some of you may be right. Obama may turn out in the long run to be merely a great speaker. We shall see.

But Bobby Jindal as the Republican's best hope for the Presidency?

You must be joking.

It is a sign of how lost and foresaken the party is that it would take seriously Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal.


Anonymous said...

When history looks aback at the first decade of this century, the most vilified politician of our era will be completely exonerated.

And the world would have been a much better place if we all just went shopping.

Anonymous said...

Talking politics again, you old man.
I must join you and a lot of people who believe that Obama's change is so needed and it's so encouraging in a time like this.

He is so close to us because he can relate his personal experience and easily comprehend average people's concerns. He is also high above us because he is brave enough to challenge himself to strive higher goals. What really distinguishes him from all us admirers are his willingness to confront inconvenient issues that we tend to delay to solve. He is ordinary because he is one of us. However, Obama's greatness is an inspiring quality called hope. He first has hope in himself and the people believing there is nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it and being stopped by perceived obstacles.He is the genuine son of Zion. not our savior because he can't save us. Only through his action that he sets an example to propel us to be just like him, developing our potentials so someday we will all become greater than we think we will ever become. He can't save us because that's not what he is capable of. We must save ourselves by ourselves. Obama offers hope. and hope is a strength of will.


NRF said...

David, you are correct. The GOP is heading for disaster. Jindal, Palin, Cantor, Gingrich, DeLay and the others, including Limbaugh's pack of dittoheads, guarantee they will appeal only to right wingers who provide about 20% of the vote. The congressional Republicans who now remain are the worst of the worst. Their better people have been knocked off in the last two elections.

The moderates, no, the thoughtful, are preparing to flee. Even Ahnold in California is thinking about a party shift. GOP corporate backers care only about power so the money will dry up if the crazies maintain party control.

Not Your Wife said...

Joe Scarborough told CPAC it better gets its act together and move to the centre or else!

Sigh...Morning Joe...he's so dreamy.