Wednesday, March 4, 2009


CTV will fire 118 people from their newsrooms. They will cut several morning shows from their "A" channels.

And Glow-Ball wants the CRTC to ease back on Canadian content regs.

What passes for "Canadian broadcasting" is a cruel comedy.

Canadian broadcasting executives have made many millions of dollars for many years by buying and airing L.A. content that we could happily watch or ignore on American channels any time.

Instead, with the Simulcast license to print money, we the viewer continue to endure always missing the first tee shot or the first down of the game or the first clue on the quiz show because CTV or Global or the CBC can't get back to the program on time.

Imagine, just imagine, if Canadian broadcasters were told you can show no programs other than those you produce here in Canada.


We may or more likely may not ever have a broadcast industry again, but at least we could watch ABC or CBS just as they are broadcast.

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Tony Wade said...

FYI. In 1990 regionaly produced (all Canadian) programs across the CBC-TV system, from coast to coast to coast, were achieving ratings % points between 9-18% at 7.00pm.

These are very high ratings, even for the 1990 multi-channel picture.

On December 4th 1990, CBC axed ALL Canadian regional programs (and people) across the network except news.

Now, the only place in Canada that still has Canadian regional programming at 7.00pm is good old stoic Newfoundland...All others will enjoy last year's episodes of Coronation Street.

How do I know this?
I was the proud Canadian executive producer of Canadian BC regional programming in Vancouver on December 4th 1990.

If Canadians really want Canadian programming, they should DEMAND it from the CBC.