Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Three shootings, two dead, two injured, East Van, Burnaby, Surrey.

That story just in at the Sun this morning.

But don't worry.

The police are arresting many gang people for many things and the leaders in Victoria are busy helping out the situation.


Gary said...

David, it would appear that the Criminals have a far more effective "Justice System" than we do.
Our "System" places them on Bail, or god forbid House Arrest! Their "System" removes them from our midst.

Anonymous said...

while I think that the intergrated homicide team is cooperating there has been and will always be great tensions between municipal forces. They all closely guard their turf and don't tell each other much of what they are doing. I have friends in the VAncouver police and I hear stories all the time of the RCMP and the problems within the RCMP and how the RCMP conducts operations in Vancouver without telling the locals. The whole emergency services section is greatly disfunctional as far as I am concerned. Fire, ambulance and police usually don't talk to one another. Lots of times they don't even know what their area of responsibility is and do things that are the responsibility of others. The left hand lots of times doesn't know what the right hand is doing and they really don't care. It extends past the locals to the Coast guard and others. An example of this is the local police forces and fire departments that have vessels do things that are the Coast Guards responsibilities. Like doing search and rescue calls and not telling the rescus coordination center. I could go one forever but I won't. The RCMP has their own private computer system which never was availablt to othe police agencies. I think that access has changed slightly for this but not instant access to cpic requests.
The RCMP will always tell you that everything is ok between everybody because they want to keep their jobs.

Anonymous said...

What was the name of the outside looking in reporter who said he had enough of the Van Sun?