Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's to be known officially as the Homelessness Intervention Project - HIP.

And Provincial Housing Minister Rich Coleman, that noted humanitarian, will be the head cheese.

Coleman doesn't agree with the auditor-general's tough assessment of his government's accomplishments to date.

"I think there has been significant leadership on this file," says Coleman the Kind.


News for you, Bud.

It's not a file.

It's many human beings who are cold and hungry, you putz.

Now, let's follow the money and get to the bottom line of this spurious announcement.

In the recently tabled provincial budget, Mr. Coleman's allotment for housing was cut by $70 Million.

End of story, Kids.

The gall, the transparency, the dark, dark comedy of these fools.


Anonymous said...

a great name for a housing minister, "Rich Cold Man"

Anonymous said...

I have my own acronyms for this.
Fed Up Citizens Kick Out Feckless Fool