Tuesday, August 18, 2009


"A bit more promotion would be useful."

The god of all gods, the Supreme Kvetch on High, the man who runs a completely unchecked world government bigger and better than any James Bond villain could have ever thirsted after...

His name is Jack Rogue...uh, sorry, Jacques Rogge, that is, Count Jacques Rogge (we kid you not, he is an actual Count, whatever that may be), and he is the president of a governing body that supercedes all local sovereign governments.

We speak, of course, and humbly and on our trembling knees, of the (shudder, shudder, genuflect) INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE.

Rogue feels we are not pushing the Games enough.


Has he ever checked into the local press?

Day after tiresome day, our print and radio and TV sources are filled to the overstocked gills with 2010 "news" stories.

Jack, baby, get serial.

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Anonymous said...

Count Rogge is tiresome; the Olympics(TM) is tiresome and the Mainstream Media is tiresome.

The Olympics(TM) has been overdone and in a time of economic devastation, is fast becoming an non-story; something that is forced upon us and just can't wait to get it over, just like elective surgery.

I find that the Olympics(TM)are eye-candy for the wealthy, who care little about the real problems facing the region.

Rah, Rah, Rah, RAV is the great media hype, but for over $2 billion ($3 billion in some reports) we have a glitzy new metro that everyone wanted to ride for free. Fast forward to a cold dank, wet November, when commuters, forced to Transfer from bus to RAV at Casino Junction, will have little good to say about it and hearken back to the days of their old non-stop express buses.

The media has grown fat and lazy and resorts to copying press releases from the government.

Sorry, I have no time for the likes of ...... well I better not say, WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

Yup, there is no great prostrating for the Olympics(TM) as they are leaving a rather sour taste in my mouth.

Evil Eye