Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Globe & Mail editorial this morning has rightly called Taser International's charges of bias again st Thomas Braidwood "ridiculous."

This straight-forward condemnation of a the company points out that "Twenty-five people in Canada have died after being tasered, yet most police forces in Canada have been loath to acknowledge that the stun gun is dangerous."

Scusa me, but isn't that more than the number of people who have died from gunshot fired by police forces in the same time period?

Referring to the Robert Dziekanski incident, which I continue to call Murder, the editorial makes clear "A video of the incident showed as horrific a piece of brutal and incompetent policing as this country has witnessed for some time."

Time for the Taser executives to try a little of their own medicine or be extremely quiet.


Jeff Taylor said...

4 or 5 police officers armed with guns standing in front of 1 (one) man with a stapler in his hand - and they kill him. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment but Jeff said it clearly.
4 heavily armed RCMP (thugs) killed a distraught tourist

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for that regular citizen who recorded the actions in front of him. How different this situation would have been if he hadn't kept the camera rolling...