Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now you See it, Now you don't..

The other day, we spoke here about Lotto monies being held up and not distributed to community groups that have been promised such.

Here's the scenario.

Province yanks $1 Billion a year from our stupid pockets as we buy gambling tix that have a hope in hell of ever paying off. OK. So be it. We are dumb and poor and we dream. I am among you, believe me.

Province then passes on about 15% to charities and community groups.

Or at least, they say they are passing on this money.

So you are running the Lake Cowichan Flugelhorn Consortium and you buy new mouthpieces, music stands and a side of donuts for your group on the promise that money is soon to arrive.


Rich Coleman is the Villain here. He is the Social Development Minister and he's the guy who is supposed to yell down the line to the minions, "PAY THE LOSERS ALREADY!'

Alas. Rich is no where to be found.

Neither are the funds already spent.

I know, all you hard-nosed successful Type A Free Enterprise Worshippers will scream, "Yah, well they shouldn't;t have spent the money of they didn't have it."

Please. Join the real world.

ps...Rich is the tall guy.


Chris M said...

So the province isn't content with keeping 85% for general revenue.
Now they want it all
Gotta pay off those Owelympics.
Or some other grand project they are working on behind closed doors.

Leah said...

Just imagine! Now your weekly limit for online gambling is 10 grand...up from 120.00.

Geez...one almost feels a sense of panic coming from the Campbell regime.

blaffergassted said...

Our financial problems are solved!
Province ups limit for online gaming from $120 to $10,000 per week!