Saturday, September 19, 2009


The police are a riot. Really.

A yellow Corvette and a black Corvette go screaming by on a main thoroughfare in sunny downtown Surrey.

By the time they are finished their little imitation of the Indy 500, an 83-year old man sitting quietly on a bench at a bus stop has lost his legs.

Now here's the official report.

Police Friday were careful not to say “street racing,” but are investigating witness reports that both cars, which were apparently Corvettes, were driving alongside one another.

They're looking at whether speed was a factor.

You think?

Mr. Yellow Racer has sped away into the ether.

The police are questioning Mr. Black Racer.

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Anonymous said...

David, my guess is that both yellow and black racers were being driven by Mr. Brown driver. Good lucj to the police as the Indo-Canadian community closes ranks and makes the investigation next to impossible. This group of " Canadians" is ready to flee back to India at the drop of a criminal charge. Mrs Thorpe comes to mind as a vctim of their indifference to our laws. Maybe the police report simply reflects the futility of trying to make these "Canadians" obey our laws. At least they werent gangsters. Wait maybe they were.