Saturday, September 19, 2009


David Shribman is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer and executive editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

He has written a terrific guest column featured in today's Globe about the animus that has characterized the health care debate in America.

In short, he argues that this fight is about the role of government in people's lives and the power that they may or may not have or relinquish.

Please read this piece.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent piece David. I belong to a political group in which most members live in the USA. I *do* see an aspect of "Keep the government out of my life", the power/money theme, if you will. Many of the successful members have what "they " deem to be excellent medical care - "The best in the world" is how I have seen it described often. (expensive!) and there is as well an attitude of "I work and pay for what I have - If you want it, work for it and don't expect me to pay for it through taxes", etc. I also see a major Democrat/Republican battle underlying much of the rhetoric - the party line - and I *have* wondered about racism in re their first black president. I find it sad and not pleasant to listen to or watch a good deal of the time.