Saturday, September 19, 2009


Most of the powers that be are determined to assure us that the approaching HST will be good for us and that it makes imminent sense.


Economists at the TD Bank differ.

Their report states clearly that while Big Biz will find a $6.9 BILLION windfall, you and I will be paying more for practically everything.

And that includes the food we buy at the grocery store and the food we eat in restaurants.


No small wonder Bill van der Zalm and Carole James are doing the public tango together today in protest.

Like your phone can cable services don't cost enough, they'll be going up.

So will prescription drugs. That's helpful to the economy in general and to the aging population in particular.

This is a bad idea at any time.

In this climate it is suicidal.


Anonymous said...

I'm horrified by the whole thing, but what is worse is that the mainstream media is backing the HST. Just look at the wailing and gnashing of teeth by Baldry and Palmer on Borings show on Brand-X; by the sounds of them, Zalm was a through disreputable type with no morals at all!

No fan of the Zalm, but my god the deeds of Campbell makes Mr. Faaaaantastic look like an angel in comparison!

I guess this what one has to do to win a Webster these days!

Evil Eye

Keith said...

There is no GST on prescriptions and medical supplies, and likewise there won't be with the HST.
You will only pay HST on the same items and services which are presently taxed by the GST.
There are some exceptions such as a point of sale rebate on children's clothing, gasoline, and even the basic rate on land telephones.
I wish you people would make an effort to get your facts straight.

Jeff Taylor said...

bottom line here is that after Canada's tax payers bailed out private sector companies such as GM, Chysler, and B.C.'s tax payers bail out the likes of Translink as they refuse to install turnstiles, the MONEY has to come from some where. That some where is all our pockets. Call me simple, but if a person is sitting at a desk doing paperwork and has to remit PST, how much work is it to write on a separate piece of paper to send the GST to the other Gov't ? The current system isn't putting companies under in huge numbers because there's two separate taxes. So, because that task seems so monumental for some, we will pay more for hundreds of things we currently do not. Wonderful.
This is nothing short of another tax grab on the masses to fund the money short fall of organizations such as Translink and VANOC.

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from the Globe & Mail article David posted:

"Businesses will reap huge savings because they will be able to claim rebates. But consumers will end up paying the new tax on goods and services that are currently exempt from any tax. Both provinces have attempted to take the sting out of harmonization by exempting goods such as diapers."

Yes, there will be some exemptions as there are now - however, in the long run, irrespective of those with very low income who will receive a tax rebate on the HST - MOST CONSUMERS WILL PAY MORE FOR GOODS AND SERVICES WHICH ARE NOW TAX EXEMPT. *That* is the point Keith.

Canada Revenue Agency - GST/HST