Friday, September 18, 2009


Canada's Health Minister, Leona Aglukkaq, has apologized for her department sending body bags to native communities in the north.

The minister is herself an aboriginal and her apology was clearly deeply felt and sincere.

As it should have been for an act so insensitive and downright stupid.

Native leaders have turned their backs on the apology, which is their right.

200 body bags.

What were these idiots thinking?

Iggy Pop has seized the opportunity for another foto op. What a ghoul. How desparate is this geek?

To my posting on this subject, I received far too many ugly racist comments, most of which I rejected.


Mike MacDonald said...

Off topic but how is your hart? I see your bloggin a lot, hope your all ok.

Jeff Taylor said...

David, Iggy Pop - LOL. You kill me ! As I often say, if I was given the choice of either voting for Iggy or having one of my arms cut off, I choose to have BOTH my arms cut off ! This guy is a total waste of air-time, newsprint, and video tape. God love him if in fact his heart and intentions are in the right place - BUT I seriously doubt it !

David Berner said...

Thank you for asking, Mike.

My heart is doing fine, as far as we can ever tell.

I take an aggressive and expensive regimen of medicines (blood thinners, cholesterol, baby aspirin...), I continue as I always have to eat well. I swim, play tennis, ride my bike, walk a lot, don't use drugs or smoke.

It's all my great grandmother's fault!