Monday, November 2, 2009

For the Birds

When I saw that very large and fat and healthy looking robin on the laburnum tree behind my house this morning, I was sure that I was hallucinating again.

Or maybe the poor thing was just five months off schedule.

But then I checked with my Audubon Field Guide (There's one on the kitchen window sill and one on the table near the glass doors off the living room.) and cheer-eep, cheer-up:

The American Robin winters in British Columbia and Newfoundland.

Who knew?

I hope my guy has a good safe flight to St. John's.


Anonymous said...

My own neighbourhood has come alive with the sweet high-pitched whistle of Flickers - a small woodpecker.

And the gigantic Sandhill Cranes pass through the Reifel Bird Sanctuary this time of year.

Stuart said...

And dont forget the venue of vultures occupying the legislature.(Seriously that's what a bunch of vultures are called)