Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello, Future. Bye Bye Canerda.

While the broadcasters and the cable companies continue to make the Globe and other papers rich with their daily full-page ads accusing each other of being THE robber barons in the television landscape, Sheridan Scott has written a prescient little piece this morning pointing us to the real future - the net.

She warns that the Brits and Aussies are accommodating themselves to the new communications world and illustrates how Canada is typically twiddling its dials and thumbs.

Note the obvious - you have read all of this on your computer, or for all I know, on your smart phone while eating a sandwich, making love, driving your beemer and moving that portfolio into something more productive.

Canada, the B movie.


Scotland yard said...

How did you know I was eating a sandwich?

Scotland Yard

Jeff Taylor said...

just as sure as I'm typing this comment, the Federal Gov't (no matter which party is in power) will screw the whole internet thing up for Canadians. Our country is always 3 or more years behind the US and 4 - 5 years behind Japan. We collectively pay some of the highest cell phone rates in the world, yet, it is said by many tech professionals that we have some of the worst service.
As for the concept of the internet being free and the Gov't won't be able to regulate or stop it, DON'T kid yourself. All they have to do is regulate the providers ( Shaw, Telus, Bell, and Rogers) as to what they can or can not send down the wire into our homes and phones. And don't think that won't happen. After all this is Canada - not as free as we think.