Monday, November 2, 2009

H1N1 - The 2-Tier Shot

Private-clinic patients jump the line for flu shot

Health agencies give clinics in Toronto and Vancouver access to vaccines amid shortage; Ontario vows review

No. Not a swift move, folks.

Not when people are lining up for blocks to get theirs.

The Copeman Clinic here in Vancouver has already received its first shipment and expects more.

Then why are my doctor and his clinic still waiting?


Anonymous said...

Because one did not pay the fee to join the clinic therefore those that pays gets and the rest are s**t outta luck?

Mike MacDonald said...

Our Doctor had some and gave it to our 3 young girls yesterday, Im very confused who has it and who doesnt... what a mess... I went online and saw all these clinics then realised non in Langley had H1N1 we had to go to doctors... its very confusing mess... but in the end they (my young girls) got the shots... it needs a booster later in a few weeks? Wow... what a mess.

Anonymous said...

Daqvid, if you buy a membership in the copeland clinic you get an H1n1 shot and your name goes in the barrel for 2 gold medal round hockey tickets.

If you can afford to enroll your whole family you get a meet and greet with chucky and his skanky wife cammy.

Gazetteer said...

Anon-Above (and Mr. B.)--

Turns out that if you are a Copeman Clinic member at the Calgary branch plant that you get nada...

Could it be that in Calgary that Copeman Club is just not exclusive enough to get their own barrel of vaccine to hoard?