Monday, November 30, 2009

New Blood?

The Nostalgia Vote?

The We Don't Know What Else To Do or Where Else to Turn Vote?

The Let's Set the Record for Shooting Ourselves in the Foot Vote?

B.C. NDP choose Moe Sihota as party president


Where are Larry and Curly when you really need them?

Slow Mihota back in the limelight.

Hang on, kids.

It's going to be a bumpy night.


Jeff Taylor said...

Although I'm NOT a big NDP supporter, Carole James supporter, nor do I think living in the past is the best way to live one's life. However, Moe Sihota is someone I've also had time for. For the most part, he's been more honest than 75 percent of ALL the other politicians across B.C. over the decades. I like people that aren't afraid to speak their minds. We all know that Sihota will speak up. If anything, he'll make things interesting and push to put more pressure on Gordo and his band of merry men.

Gary L. said...

In a sea of "ones", I guess a "two" must really be something..........