Saturday, December 12, 2009

Art Two

Last Monday, I wrote in this pace about my two favorite all-time art hoaxes - video and installations.

Now I am pleased to introduce you to one of the richest and most successful pullers of the wool of all time.

His name is Michael Snow and his entire oeuvre (OUCH! Dat hoits!) is video and installation.

In a review this morning, a gushing wet-panties writer tells us that "the crowning achievement in Michael Snow's new show is a 45-minute film of a curtain blowing in the wind. And believe it or not, you'll want to sit and watch the whole thing."

Well, I have a shocker for you, Sarah.


I won't.

I'll be watching my own 46-minute film of a cat named Billy licking his paws.

The odd thing is I can't seem to get any of my friends to sit down with me and watch it.

I've offered popcorn.



Gavin said...

Normally I hate to state the obvious but isn't this what is called a 'snow' job'?

Jeff Taylor said...

LOL - David, my cat can't stop licking herself. It's gotten to the point where the vet has given us one of those plastic 'lamp shade' type collars to keep her from licking herself to death ! Now, that's a movie if I've even seen one. Which reminds me, we're out of butter.