Saturday, December 12, 2009


Gary Mason, always readable, has contributed an interesting piece this morning about Carole Taylor possibly being the replacement for His Meanness.

With alternatives like Rich Coleman and Kevin Falcon, two bulldozers cut from the same cruel cloth as the Preem, you bet!

Mason offers that Taylor is the kind of fiscal conservative that the corporate community loves. He adds that "she was also seen as a left leaning democrat on social justice issues."

I resist these kinds of categorizations.

For my money, it' simply this.

Carole Taylor is blessed with a drop or two of the milk of human kindness.

Which makes her distinctly different from the current Iceman in charge, who most days seems by his decisions and his priorities to lack even something approaching decency.


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for her.


Jeff Taylor said...

Carole Taylor may very well be blessed with human kindness, but in my opinion, she really isn't far enough from the Howe Street bunch that hover around the current provincial Liberal party. I'd love to see somebody brand NEW appear on the scene and lead B.C. in a fresh, new, different direction.
This isn't much different from what's shaping up in Toronto. With the current mayor, David Miller (whom has spent the city dry) announcing that he will not be running again, all of the various people that have come out and said that they will take a run for the mayor's chair, are nothing but re-treads, and has beens from the provincial Govt and the current city Govt.
B.C. not unlike Ontario, currently suffers for a major new fresh, honest, forward-thinking leader for an ever changing world that we live in.

Anonymous said...

David,I hope that Ms Taylor does take over the BC Liberals.

I supported the NDP until the election of Ujjal as premier. I am so disgusted with the NDP that I will never vote for that party again. I am a union member and it hasnt been easy voting Liberal.

So Gordo would likely get my vote again because of the way the NDP have betrayed the province and country. I could vote for Carol Taylor without having to hold my nose.

Anonymous said...

I've voted NDP over the past 2 elections because I absolutely detest Campbell. But if Taylor takes over I would frankly prefer her over the other Carole.