Saturday, December 12, 2009


B.C. has renamed the Queen Charlotte Islands.

The new name is Haida Gwaii.

This is fine with me.

But I admit I am a little nervous that sooner or later, someone will figure out that Captain Vancouver was sailing the ship "Tiger Woods," and may not have been the best fellow after whom cities should be named.

The only thing is will I ever learn how to say 'lyxwuwuwhakqulatchi-;ploutz?


Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning. Say goodbye to all the colonial named landmarks. Thanks for selling us out again Gordo!

Jeff Taylor said...

That area of British Columbia will always be the Queen Charlotte Islands to me. It saddens me greatly when Canadians are so easily convinced to give up our history. When you stop and think for a few moments, history is all we really have because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Today, could very well be our last day. What's next ? What part of our parents and their parents history will be re-written, re-named, or forgotten about all together ? I believe that we have to be very thoughtful and careful before we turn away from the history that was once our present.

Keith said...

I would like to say "Happy Chanukah".

Gerry Verrier said...

I don't see any problem with a name given by people who settled and inhabited an area prior to the arrival of europeans being embraced once again. Why should European history override what was already in place? I'm sure it would be quite easy to use both names?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any stories about really horrible, immoral, sadistic aboriginal people from BC's history? I'd like to hear those, and not in the context of their response to being victimized by the white folks. Surely, they were not all lovely, as we are led to believe.

Anonymous said...

When and where will it end? We have paid for the sins of the people that came before us. We bring new culture to the shores of first nation land every day. Why dont the first nations put a stop to imigration. Why do the first nations allow us to spend their money fighting a war in Afganistan? Why do they allow us to have provinces and territories?
Why do they allow us to have french and english as official languages? WHY WHY WHY?

Lets pull the plug on this endless waste and allow the first nations to pay taxes. Lets allow them to make their way as we do. A job.

Anonymous said...

Its all ok The dictator has spoken and we will now call the Charlottes the Heinie guy