Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Caring? Not Much

Victoria police were so concerned that Peter Lee would be a danger to his family that they met with Crown counsel to ask that he be denied bail.

Of course, the Crown knew better than the police.

Lee was released on bail and promptly butchered his entire family including his young son.

On Sept. 6, 2007, Peter Lee, 38, killed his estranged wife, Sunny Park, their son Christian, 6, and Park's elderly parents before committing suicide.

Now, as a coroner's inquest continues into this case, the simple truth emerges and is driven home -

No budget for domestic violence, Peter Lee inquest told

System could respond better, but only with more funding, probe into Oak Bay slayings hears

But we have our priorities.

Yesterday morning I pulled over to park in the 500 block East Broadway.

The new temporary signs are already up.


February 4 - March 2


Broadway and Fraser?

This is a major corridor to a Games event?



In the meantime...

We have no budget for domestic violence.

All of which will of course evaporate in the swill of happiness and euphoria that descends upon us all from the glories of THE GAMES.

Family discord will come to an end.

Marital disputes will resolve spontaneously.

Peace on earth will prevail.

Right after the luge.

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diverdarren said...

I don't want to nit-pick a small issue, but those are No Stopping signs. If they were no parking then a person could make a quick stop up to 5 minutes to grab their dry cleaning or a coffee. Stop in a No Stopping area reserved for the olympics and get caught it'll be a $100 dollar fine payable to the City of Vancouver. Have you seen how many streets have these signs? There's no street left for the regular people.