Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have a Rabbi friend who really likes Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

He feels that Lieberman is an orthodox Jew who is committed to his faith.

That may or may not be so.

But in my books the good senator, an Independent who sits with the Democrats and who seems to change his values as often as Jerry Lewis changes his socks, is a poseur and an unprincipled camera-hogging turncoat.

His latest stunt of almost killing the President's health care reform bill has been disgusting to witness.

Of all things, he has been resisting the "public option" clause.

Yes, god forbid that the 45 million uninsured Americans could have a medical plan like we have in Canada or others have in Sweden, Denmark, France and the U.K.

Once again, to get his whiny kvetchy voice on the air, Lieberman has played cheap political games with people's lives at stake.

Pick a party, Joe.

Pick an idea.

Try sticking with it for longer than lunch.

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Jeff Taylor said...

Right on David. Lieberman's flip-flopping has driven my crazy for years now. For the life of me I can't figure out how a man like him can in any way put road blocks in the way of something like health care. Maybe there's something going on in the back room$ that we don't know about ?