Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Deadly Help from your Friendly Doctor

Gerry Verrier, senior program manager at Manitoba's Behavioural Health Foundation alerted me yesterday to this piece in the Globe.

Overdose deaths from painkillers skyrocketing in Ontario: report

Ontario study says painkillers causing twice the number of overdose deaths they were two decades ago; most dying got prescriptions, saw doctors

Read this article and be advised.


Jeff Taylor said...

Prescription drug addiction is nothing new. Back in the 1980's and through-out the 1990's when I was much younger and a lot dumber, I personally saw and knew of people abusing prescription drugs. I also knew of people selling them. I think that back then it was a little harder to get them so there wasn't as many related deaths. Now, just like many other drugs, illegal or not, they are every where and way easier to get your hands on them.

Anonymous said...

This matter was covered on the news last night. OxyContin is listed in one drug information site I Googled for "around the clock pain". Even so, the statement on the Globe article re the patient receiving 2000 pills from one prescription boggles the mind. I also note it is sometimes referred to as Hillbilly Heroin. More addictions to be treated David - by more drugs if some of the goofballs have their way.

I use one Advil when necessary and am leery of taking 2 at one time.
Our family Docs are rushed, to say the least and it behooves one to be aware. I have turned down prescriptions suggested by my Doc (much to his chagrin at the time) - one which was later discontinued. He's used to me now. I know seniors who are taking bagloads of prescription meds - "because the Doc said so".

Asd you say David "Be advised". Do your research.


Anonymous said...

I saw a CBC Newsworld story on a 'recovering' oxycodon addict this morning. With his mom by his side, the guy was happy to report that he's now off that horrible drug and is being treated with something much more socially acceptable - methadone!

Gerry Verrier said...

The next article related to this issue will be about the lack of methadone treatment in Ontario. The same thing is currently happening in Manitoba. Irresponsible doctors, about half a dozen, who prescribe incredible amounts of oxycontin, are enabling young middle class kids to become addicted and then those same young people are being recruited by the local methadone clinics where they are told they need to be on methadone for the rest of their lives. Of course, the methadone clinics need more funding. And of course, sanctioning doctors with poor prescribing habits is frowned upon here in the 'peg. After all, we wouldn't want to embarrass the doctors. And besides, is writing a prescription for 2150 tabs of oxycontin such a big deal?