Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

This list is typical of every newspaper in the world this morning:

Now Oprah wants him on her show.

Positively ghoulish.


Jeff Taylor said...

Good bye Nike. I can't help thinking to myself day after day just how powerful the male sex drive can be. Powerful enough to self-implode even when you have more money than God, more fans than anybody on the planet, ability to have any woman you want, a skill level in a sport way beyond anyone else, etc, etc. Does it really come down to the sex drive ? Is sex (and I guess you could include power) really have that much control over a person. Seems so.

Keith said...

now I know why I was never any good at sports.

Anonymous said...

Funny things.

I think that the guy is overpaid. I think Nike is corporate scum for giving him all the publicity money they have over the years (while those who toil in their factories overseas get little more than squat).

As for him having an affair - I really just don't care. That is between him and his wife.

If I am interested in watching some good golf being played - I'll watch Tiger Woods.

I still don't buy anything Nike.

He can have an orgy with a room full of consenting adults for all I care about his sex life.

Gerry Verrier said...

To me it speaks of arrogance and entitlement. His father was much the same.

Anonymous said...

He's disgusting in the extreme. And he's done a terrible disservice to the black community, as much as he once brought glory to it.