Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The War Comes Home

The following arrived via email last night from our good friend, Victor:

My nephew, a 22 year old Marine based in San Diego, got his orders on
Saturday to deploy to Afghanistan on Boxing Day. He is a young
father. Merry Christmas. He is in a battle unit. He will be there 8
months. But when you're a Marine in Insaneastan, you work 7 days a
week, Add to that pre-deployment training and post-deployment re-
orientation, what it means is this young man will give a year.

We, our family, expected this ever since the "President Who Can Do No
Wrong" (with all the "o's" in that title, I'll just all him Poodoo)
announced that he was ramping up the "War That Makes No Sense" ( we'll
call it WAMS).

One could take consolation that it will be a brief war, because Poodoo
wants all the soldiers home in time for his pre-election campaign in
2011. Poodoo is a man of resolve. He is resolved to be re-elected.

But although it will be a brief war ( if you believe that, you're
NASCAR stupid) it will be a horrid war because Poodoo wants results in
18 months. He has a victory speech on his 2011 teleprompter already,
don't you see? So he will command every sacrifice of young soldiers to
win an 18th month war.

America will have 80,000 soldiers in Insaneastan after this
deployment. The Russians had 100,000 soldiers there. They didn't build
schools, hospitals or roads. They didn't hand out candy or teach kids
to play hockey. They bombed the supreme shit out of the country and
left in defeat. The Russian soldiers were not constrained by an
election date. They lost and the wives and mothers in Moscow demanded
that they come home. The Kremlin listened.

I will leave a note for Santa, asking him to bring a soldier home.

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Anonymous said...

I lived with a Russian man who did two, 2-year tours of duty in Afghanistan. Contrary to your comments, the Soviets were invited by the Afghan government. My boyfriend worked WITH the regular Afghani men and women and AGAINST the muhajideen. He risked his life, fighting these militants, so that the Afghan girls could go to school and the regular Afghan people would be okay. When the battered Soviet army withdrew, the muhajideen eventually rose up as the Taliban. Think about THAT for a moment before you take the Hollywood Russian bad guy approach. My boyfriend is a wonderful man who was trying to help the Afghani people. He says the mujahideen were Reagan and CIA-operated.