Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Lawyer and the Witch

For many people, these terms are synonymous and interchangeable, I know.

But in this particular and hysterically funny case, a Toronto Lawyer has been bilked out of many a fine dollar by a woman who "posed" as a witch.

Now, I realize that fraud is a legitimate criminal charge.

But can anyone really be "guilty" of being a witch, or "posing" therein.

Dare we count the many, many witches with whom we interact almost daily?

And the dozens who proudly claim their witchiness or wiccadom or whatever it may be.

Let us not bring back to mind the countless homes we've visited only to find the hair of a dog, leg of a frog and eye of a newt quietly simmering on the kitchen stove.

How else do you think we developed our well-known skills as a fine runner?

Now, the best part of this true-life story is where the writer tells us about how the lawyer and the witch first met and he "started to mentor her."

He mentored her to the tune of about a hundred grand in the first year.

Of course, many a fellow throughout history has been known to mentor many a gal for less.

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