Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whisperers Speaking Up

Diplomats are not generally known for being...well...not to be too tautological about it...undiplomatic.

So the sight of Canadian diplomats in great numbers (35-50) joining a massive conga line in protest against their own government is noteworthy.

These formerly quiet, discrete servants of the powers that be are nailing Peter MacKay for his public attacks on whistle-blower Richard Colvin in the detainees-abuse matter.

Amidst cries for his resignation - which I suspect MacKay will ignore - the Defense Minister has changed his tune and admitted that torture may have been possible.


Oh, by the way.

Knowingly transferring a prisoner to torture or abuse is a Geneva-Conventions-grade war crime.

If we have been engaged in such, perhpas we might want to re-think what we are doing in Afghanistan and other hot spots where we are similarly engaged.

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