Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Life on the Street

Last week, old friends of mine, who run a well-known late-night cafe told me that their yearly property taxes are now $70,000.

Yesterday, the dry cleaning lady in my neighbourhood told me that when the 12% HST soon cuts in, she doesn't know how she will continue.


Jeff Taylor said...

If our various Govt's continue to TAX US ALL TO DEATH, the only retail & service stores that will survive, will be the BIG BOX ones. Canada has always been hammering small business. One major lesson that Canada could stand to learn from the US is how to deal with and encourage small business. Also people in canada generally don't understand the importance of local, small businesses. These same uneducated people think that everyone that owns / operates a small business must be rich and or do nothing but work short hours and rack in the money.
If they only knew that truth.
Gordon Campbell used to say that he was for small business, BUT on closer inspection, it's LARGE corporations and extremely wealthy individuals that he stands for.

Anonymous said...

$70,000 a year!? What the...?!!!!! That's insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!