Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aren't We Bold?

The Prime Minister's idea of a revolution in parliamentary reform is to limit Senate appointments to 8 years.

Oh, brother.

Remember the whole Triple E platform?

The only good answer to the rot that is called The Senate is to abolish it.

Please point out to me One Good Thing this austere body has produced in the last 30 years.

To keep Mike Duffy and Larry Campbell safely off the streets costs Canadian taxpayers about $1,000,000 a year each.

Please spend that money on dental care for poor children, and ask Mike and Larry to go to summer camp at their folk's expense.


Anonymous said...

AXE the senate. The dept of Indian Affairs. End our involvement in any war that doesn't concern us. Privatize CBC . Scrap the CRTC.

We could fill a lot of cavities


Anonymous said...

"Remember the whole Triple E platform?"

Ontario and Quebec figure that's part of Harper's "hidden agenda" as it is. If he ever so much as brought the topic up in Parliament he'd be toast before you could say 'rednecks'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

meanwhile the Labour Party in the UK proposes to replace the 740 member House of Lords with "The Senate" comprised of 300 elected members.
One third of the new chamber will be elected at general elections, with a maximum 15 year term.
There will also be a right to recall a Senator for incompetence.