Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Death of Comedy

Bob Newhart never swore on stage.

He didn't have to.

But he and a few others are the exceptions.

Most so-called stand-up comedians today are Trash Talkers.

Fuck, shit, poop, dink.

And that's just for openers.

So two women go into a club that's featuring an open mike night of comedians.

What did they expect - the Pope's blessing?

So they heckle the comedian-MC, who quickly discerns that the two women are lesbians.

Look out!

What did they expect - a wedding celebration?

They're in a trashy low-down comedy club joint and they are aggressive hecklers and lesbians.


The trashy low-talking jiving MC, of course, starts calling them "dykes."

Like they've never heard this word before and appropriated it for themselves with honour, as in "We are righteous dykes, so back off."

All of this horrible, shocking important incident in the black history of Canada happened 3 years ago and now, one of the injured women has taken her complaint to the B.C. Human Rights Commission.

Now is where we need a real comedian.

If ever there was a good argument for the dissolution of this august body - the BC Human Rights Inquisition - this is it.

The MC's lawyer has walked out in disgust saying that "this tribunal is proceeding against the rule of law."

That may or may not be the case.

But it is certainly against all good common sense.

This idiocy and waste of time and public money may soon find itself in front of the BC Supreme Court.

Please spend public money on dental care for poor children and stop the bullshit.


Evil Eye said...

Dead right! This is nothing but a "Higher purpose persons" body, to try to make everyone think alike.

The Human Right Tribunal should be put to a quick end and establish firm laws to protect so called human rights.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with your summation of the incident I can't agree with eliminating the Human Rights Commission altogether. I shudder to think what our Provincial Government will do with no checks and balances in place. They are already bad enough!

Anonymous said...

If the comic is a white male hes guilty. Human rights?

Anonymous said...

I've heard a completely different summation of the incident -
It wasn't a "trashy low-down comedy club joint" but a family restaurant on the Drive, that under previous management, held comedy nights and other live performances.
The women were there for dinner and didn't expect to be singled out from the stage.
I guess it's all perspective - and good food for discussion:)

Anonymous said...

I witnessed George Carlin's handling of a heckler back in the 80's. Ugly, ugly stuff George spewed on his would-be competitor. You've never heard anything like it.
A cheeseburger knows you don't heckle a comic or they're gonna let you have it like you've never had it before.
This two silly girls need to run on home and quit wasting everyone's time.

"I can't agree with eliminating the Human Rights Commission altogether. I shudder to think what our Provincial Government will do with no checks and balances in place. ..."

The person that posted this should not be allowed to vote (if they're over 19), on the grounds of being far too ignorant of how things work. :rolleyes:

iKeith said...

Hi David.
FYI, Trevor Lautens quotes you from this blog in his latest column in Friday's April 16 North Shore News.