Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"This is our chance for a green, urban casino."


This man should be writing for The Simpsons.

Unfortunately, he is our City Planning Director.

His name is Brent Toderian and he is speaking, of course, of Gordon's latest Toy, the Big Kahuna Caper on Pacific Boulevard, which we discussed here last Saturday.

Was Brent being particularly clever in calling this piece of public drek "our chance?"

Is he familiar with the traditional list of oxymorons to which he might add, "green urban casino?"

Like, military intelligence
Catholic university
happy marriage
liquor control board


Evil Eye said...

It is called 'Greenwash", to call something good green is to give it a free walk.

The only green to be seen at this casino, will be the millions of druggie 'greenbacks' that will be laundered daily.

Casinos are for laundering drug money, plain and simple.

Gavin said...

A good friend of mine just visited Portland, Oregon and when he returned he told me during our conversation that "Portland is what Vancouver could have been like, if we played our cards right." He's right, of course....Portland is a very livable big city, lots of small live music venues, great book stores, a transit system that's user friendly for all and on and on. Our Vancouver marches on....an expensive bauble in the midst of a wonderful natural setting.

Anonymous said...

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