Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As I was saying...

On Sunday, when I wrote in this space about the remote and horrifying possibility that one of the worst mayors in Vancouver's shoddy history of bad mayors might be considered for the "job" of Governor General, Bill Tieleman gave me advance warning thar he would have a piece on the same subject this week.

He has and it's a juicy little humdinger.

He spells out in considerable detail exactly why this is a truly dreadful and inappropriate idea.

Read it here.


Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks David - appreciate you telling your readers. I guess if Sam is appointed we could start agitating for Canada to leave the monarchy!

Bentley said...

Does anyone else shudder at the thought of how bad of we'd be if Bill T wasn't doing such great work? Columns of purpose. Fighting the HST. Covering the nearly impenetrable Basi-Virk saga. I'm grateful.

Gerald said...

I'd rather see Steve Fonyo as GG before I'd ever consider Self Servin"Sammy

Anonymous said...

Good writing Bill. I shudder to think... Whenever I hear that man's name and/or view his photo the word smarmy automatically pops into my mind.

Michaelle Jean is indeed elegant, well spoken, charming, genuine and then some. I'd prefer that she stay for much longer.

And this.... " 'He shone as he does in matters of protocol and pomp and ceremony,' said a federal Conservative who is a friend of Sullivan’s." Jest - surely.

June - who never was very good at quotes within a quote.

Angela Squires said...

Slimy Sam - yuk! The worst Mayor indeed; a lying, double-dealing, stupid piece of crap! The mere mention of this toady's name on the same page as Michaelle Jean is enough for me to spike his wheelchair. If I wasn't an Atheist astronomer I'd be casting my spell right now - hey I can, a bit of Paganism's OK, especially to curse SS - urrrrhh.