Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Out of Order

The New Democrats sought yesterday to use Question Period to ask Premier Gordon Campbell whether he was aware of the “smear campaign” at the time, but their questions were ruled out of order because of the current RCMP investigation into the affair.

That may be strictly correct.

But what is truly out of order is the entire stench emanating from a pile of truly ugly election pamphlets that SOMEONE was sending to Chinese voters before the last provincial election.

Kash Heed, who was elected by a narrow margin, in the targeted district, has stepped down pending the outcome of the RCMP investigation.

But if this happened on his watch and on his behalf - even without his knowledge - he may have to step down permanently.

And what about the grease balls who created this slime?

And who sanctioned the whole operation?

And who knew about it?


Bentley said...

What we gleaned from Watergate remains the key query for assessment; what did Kash Heed know and when did he know it?

Anonymous said...

With the money, people and organization behind this scam does anyone REALLY believe the liberal party organizers didn't know what was coming down? Canada Post stops the general handout and yet the notice goes out in a brown envelope? Heed should resign his seat before the dung lands on his lap again.

Gary L. said...

Or, what did he know, and when did he STOP knowing it?


Bentley said...

Bravo, Gary. That is bang on.