Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As We Were Saying...

“I think what we are doing to this country is that this idea of multiculturalism has been completely distorted, turned on its head to essentially claim that anything anyone believes – no matter how ridiculous and outrageous it might be – is okay and acceptable in the name of diversity.

“Where we have gone wrong in this pursuit of multiculturalism is that there is no adherence to core values, the core Canadian values, which [are]: That you don’t threaten people who differ with you; you don’t go attack them personally; you don’t terrorize the populace.”

And the speaker is???

None other than Ujjal Dosanjh, former Liberal cabinet minister and onetime B.C. premier, who says Sikh extremism is on the rise in some parts of the country, and blamed, in part, “politically correct” Canadians who let it happen in the name of diversity.

Amen to that.

And good on you for saying so.


Anonymous said...

and the late Doug Collins was chastised for saying essentially the same thing.

David Berner said...

Minor problem with that comment.

The late Doug Collins was a racist and an ugly one at that. I knew the man and he was boiling with hate.

He waved the flag of free speech as a not-so-elaborate cover.

Why are you clinging to memories of this fellow?

Move on to better things and better people.

Dave C. said...


Declining birth rates begat the need for more immigration which begat the need for greater tolerance for dissonant values and traditions which begat the need for public relations efforts to convince Canadians that we were morally superior than most of the world if we were more tolerant which unfortunately begat a widespread belief around the world that we're a country of patsies who disdain conflict.

Some mess we've allowed to develop.


Anonymous said...

I have had to rethink my opinion of Ujjal. He has made perfect sense and has said all the right things. He even caused me to ponder his idea that once forgiveness is asked for the matter should be put to rest. He was referring to decades old abuse of Sikhs at the hands of Indians. I wonder if we could use that logic on our first nations dilemma.

Having said all that I think were screwed. We have allowed ourselves to become a minority in our own country. Thus we will have politicians pandering for votes. We will have to learn to put up with hatred and bigotry imported from far away lands. Our childrens education will be tempered by the need to always worry about ESL. We will never be a unified population with common goals. Our neighborhoods will be divided along racial lines. We will have to learn to understand honor killings. Women depending on their heritage will be far less equal than males. Third world values will become the bane of anyone trying to get ahead.

Multicultural ideals have failed. If we dont figure out a way to over come this debacle we might see some very unpleasant events unfold as our cultural values collide head on.


Maureen said...

David, have you seen info on the new, National Museum of Human Rights being built in Winnipeg? It will be an education center to glorify human rights, hope and decency, not human wrongs. It is a reminder never to turn our backs on what is wrong, but to speak out and take a stand. Good for people like you and Ujjall Dosanjh. Please keep speaking out and focussing our attention.