Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Say, Who Brought the Glock?

A glock, a silencer, eight guns, bulletproof vests, ammo, drug outfits, coke and H.

Enough for a conviction?

Wrong again, plea bargain breath!

Not in B.C.

Turns out the guys had many, many big parties in their condo, so who knows who all that stuff really belongs to, your honour.

Moral of the Story?

Party On!

It'll guarantee you a walk.

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diverdarren said...

Your right it seems unjust. Another bag guy walks on a technicality or a judge looks at a case and demands proof beyond a reasonable doubt. But what would our system look like if we didn't have the safe guards we all take for granted. Think about some of the tenets of our justice system if the opposite were true.

Innocent till proven guilty; what if you had to prove your innocence when the state decided to charge you with a crime. Think about what would happen if the state didn't have to prove its case against you. A mere allegation was good enough to put you in a cell.

As it stands now the state must prove you intended to commit a crime. If the opposite were true you could pay the price for the actions of another. A house guest looses a bag of dope in your house. Latter a cop dog sniffs it out between the cushions of the couch. Not your nickle bag, but you pay the price. Is that fair? Is the system perfect, No. But it's still the best game in town.