Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rights - Yours and Mine

Come September, the only legal butts on the beach will be the naked ones at Wreck.

Smoking is on the way out.

Yes, it seems extreme and draconian and largely difficult to enforce.

But a simple unarguable fact is staring us in the face.

As smoking has been increasingly banned in public places, cardiac health problems have decreased dramatically.

On Vancouver Island, for example, a cardio surgeon was recently cut from staff as unneeded.


Anonymous said...

For the beaches it is about time. It is tiring to hear smokers complain about not being able to use the sand as their personal ashtray. Ever step on a hot butt buried just under the surface of the sand? It is very painful. During the summer this happens a dozen times a day on local beaches. Just ask the Life Guards and first aid folks. And believe it or not birds love the filters and blue strips from pack openings. Starling and sparrows hoard used cigarettes by the thousands for nests as was discovered in a roof ventilator in a local school. Imagine the fire in that material if a 'hot' butt had been added to the pile of refuse in that nest.

Anonymous said...

This was needed as the law against littering was far to complicated to enforce. Now you can toss all candy wrappers peanut shells and Starbucks
disposable cups in the sand without fear of them falling on a cigarette butt.

Much like the cell phone law. Driving without due care was another complicated law.

We need a law for dog poop . What about birds that poop.

Laws you just cant get enough of them