Friday, April 2, 2010

History - Edited

The Globe is to be congratulated for beginning today a three-part series on the history of the Scholarship Scandal.

All of that is fine and good.

But the fact remains that in a case in which $100 Million was stolen under the watch of the Federal Liberals, only one sorry sod, Benoit Corbeil, former director-general of the Quebec wing, has been brought to justice.

Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and a gang of others who were on deck during this disgrace are not even mentioned in the same breath as this crime.

While we thank the Globe for remembering, we aslo have to ask if anyone else will ever be found responsible, or is this just how the business of politics is conducted in this country?

Suddenly Italy and a host of Banana Republics don't look so strange.


Anonymous said...

"Suddenly Italy and a host of Banana Republics don't look so strange."

You're catching on. Very good.

Anonymous said...

Paul Martin will be on,
'the hour', next week.

Anonymous said...

The "Scholarship" Scandal? Scholarships in Canada aren't worth enough to rate a scandal.