Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Court

Two excellent local journalists, two important local stories:

1. Justine Hunter confirms in her piece today that the new HST being brought in by the provincial Liberals may just be their undoing.

We can only hope.

In Wednesday's list of goods and services that will suddenly cost more - much more - we had included homes, haircuts and bicycles, but we omitted cable bills, newspapers and home repairs.

2. Francis Bula has been taking the pulse - such as it is for such a moribund group - of City Councillors.

What should we do with those pesky and very expensive 252 units of social housing in the Olympic Village - sell, lease or rent?

The issue is of considerable import as we have already paid twice what we were told we would pay and we must now consider how long it takes to get our money back.

It seems clear to me that if we sell these apartments, they will be sold for a song and they will NOT be used for 'social housing.'

And if we rent them out, as I think we should, the question will be, "Who gets to be the landlord?"

I say Rent.

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Anonymous said...

Rent of course. It is a no-brainer - the City of Vancouver. They already have a department that looks after city owned rented properties. Any other deal will be an insider deal for 'friends.'