Friday, April 2, 2010

When False "Compassion" Overtakes Common Sense & Community Safety

Yesterday, after I had posted an item about mothers who kill their babies and get to have more babies and kill again...

I was walking down Broadway and found myself looking at the headlines in the newspaper boxes for The Sun and The Province.

I had to ask myself, "Do we have some unique law in this neck of the woods on infanticide?"

If in fact a dead baby was found in a plastic bag outside this woman's house one year ago, how is possible that we have allowed her to remain "at large" and apparently repeat this madness with immunity?

How have we rationalized the first instance?

Who did that?

Under what authority and under what medications?


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent example of how screwed up our system of justice has become. A woman has murdered a child. For reasons we will likely never know she has been allowed to murder a second child. Not years apart but almost as quickly as she was able to become impregnated again. Thankfully this species can only reproduce every nine months.

In a perfect world she would have never become pregnant . In our world she will likely kill again.

Maybe if the people that allowed her to kill the second child are charged , convicted and jailed justice would be carried out. As this wont happen , she will likely be able to conceive and kill dozens more children

Thank God that we respect this woman's right to bear children. To have her neutered would be unspeakable. Ooops I guess its been spoken


Anonymous said...

where is the father of the child, and what is is his responsibility?

Dave C. said...


I thought the April 1 article in the Sun was ambiguous as to culpability.


Anonymous said...

Not guilty by reason of mental insanity ...
and that's just the government and courts!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that (the sexist) police and courts think all women are merely innocent victims of evil men? That women are not capable of committing unspeakable crimes? That women are always just being led astray by a bad man, or are too young and naive to know better, or have been driven to the brink? Until society sees girls and women as forces--both good and evil--to be reckoned with, this kind of abomination will happen over and over again. Hear this: WOMEN ARE JUST AS CAPABLE OF EVIL AS MEN. Lock this witch up for good! Rest in peace, little babies.