Friday, February 18, 2011


Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk is leaving the force. He has resigned.

And none too soon .

How did this man pass the tests for admission in the first place?

Last summer, Birk saw native woodcarver John T. Williams walk past him. Williams had a knife and a piece of wood in his hand. He is a woodcarver. Duh.

The knife was closed.

Williams was practically deaf.

Birk told the woodcarver several times to put down his knife.

The man is a woodcarver. Has this officer not been out of the house very often?

When the deaf man did not respond, Ian Birk did what any good officer would do - NOT!

He shot John T. Williams not once, not twice, but four times. He killed John T. Williams on a sunny afternoon on a downtown Seattle street.

The police reviewed the case and concluded that this shooting was not justified. They made a commitment to firing Birk and seeing that he never put on a police uniform again in Washington State.

The King County prosecutor will not file criminal charges against Birk.

Why not?

If this isn't murder, what is?

See the video news report below.

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