Friday, February 18, 2011



Anonymous said...

Again, good interview - Mr. Ransford has interesting comments about urban planning.

I guess you can tell - I disagree about the Downtown Eastside - I live in the neighbourhood and it is one of the most diverse areas I've ever lived in. It has a strong and creative sense of community. Yes, there are addicts and drug dealers a plenty but the most dangerous are those who drive in black cars with tinted windows from other parts of the City.

If the definition of an unhealthy neighbourhood is one without "a mix of people from every part of society", we'd have to give a poor bill of health to Point Grey or Shaughnessy or Kerrisdale...just saying:)

Looking forward to Kathleen Bartels - good guests David! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Withering or not the plan for the city Of Van seems to be if you want developmnet do it to the East.So the people of Vancouver force the developmnet to the burbs where the people that go to the burbs are faced with a commute of epic proportions. Tolls and no rapid transit.
Heres a novel idea. Let Vancouver pay for the Evergreen line and for a rapid rail to the Fraser Valley. That way they can continue to NIMBY all development and yet pay for their privacy by being taxed to keep development to the EAST


Anonymous said...

13(really, 13?!)
13 never fails to make me laugh. David, great show, needs to be longer. whether/regardless of differences of opinion, you think on your feet, I wish your show the success it deserves. best regards.