Friday, February 18, 2011



Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the great program!

A few interesting points to comment on -

• building high density towers around transit stations does not solve the concern that your children will only be able to afford a home in Maple Ridge - a 700 sq ft condo does not compare to a home in Maple Ridge

• affordable housing is relative - affordable to whom?

• "market" rents is the issue in the West End. Without rent controls, renters in the West End see ever escalating increases as landlords compare their own rents to the neighbours, and then raise the rents accordingly. You see how quickly rents can skyrocket-

• "evil energies of the Downtown Eastside" ~ ? David...I see more evil in the corporate board rooms than on the streets of Main and Hastings.

Anonymous said...

The experience in Toronto showed that high rises built near subway stations were mostly occupied by vehicle owners, thus greatly contributing to increased traffic on city streets.