Saturday, June 11, 2011


To quote, Molly Bloom from Joyce's Ulysses, "Yes, I said, yes, I will, yes."

Of course, in that instance, the lady was getting fucked.

Oh, but then, so are we.

So, here is the HST referendum dumdum question that, depending on rotating postal strikes, will soon arrive at your door:


If you answer "Yes," that means you want the HST drop-kicked through the goal posts of life.

The question is confusing and a double-negative and a bit of a sham at heart because who knows what the administration will actually do with the results. Has anyone said this exercise is binding, other than around our hearts?

Nevertheless, harken not the business and government interests that have been bombarding you with lies and bolder lies. I kept waiting for leaflets to flutter down from the skies overhead.

The HST is one way or another more tax money for more bloated government.

The only reasonable answer is YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES.


Jeff Taylor said...

It pisses me off to no end that whenever I get my hair cut or my gym payment goes through my bank account each month that there's an extra 7 percent on it now. HOWEVER, there's NO doubt in my mind that if the HST is done away with, the provincial Govt will find "other" ways to tax us and recover that 7 percent that they will be losing. In the end, we all will be paying more taxes anyway. How, when and where NEW taxes will be increased on us, is anyone's guess. For that reason, I'm voting to keep the HST. Better to deal with the devil you know, than deal with the devil you don't !

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Taylor - you would stay with an abusive government because you know where to hide when they come looking for you. Really?
What would a brave person do?
Call the devil's bluff and see what the BC Libs will do next ~ take a risk! Work for a better way.
Say YES to extinguishing the HST!

Anonymous said...

It will be a frosty Friday in hell, before i would ever support something i did not believe in.

The HST was a scam by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper. They thieved the HST from the BC people, to give to big business. And, that's exactly who gains by the HST. The citizens, sure in the hell don't gain by that asinine tax.

Harper that snake in the grass, was drooling at the mouth for the HST. Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, long before the BC election.

Where are the jobs, Campbell and Hansen promised? Where is the money we were to save, by the merits of the HST?

Well, two BC chain restaurants, Mr. Mikes and The Pantry closed their doors, the HST killed them too. Many people are losing their jobs, because of restaurant closures.

There are more mill lay offs, on the way as well. Campbell caused the loss of, 36,000 mill workers jobs. The mill jobs were sent to China, along with our raw logs.

The HST saving the people a bundle of money? Huh. The HST has driven, our cost of living out into orbit.

We now have an underground, which is an absolute life saver. I pay $5.50 for a chicken, as opposed to over $14.00 in the super market. Everything is available, chickens, eggs, beef, pork, vegetables, fruit, home baked bread.

We have every type of tradespeople. I put off a much needed bathroom reno, because of the HST. I paid cash for an underground tradesman, who saved me over, $2,000.

I only have to buy, coffee, tea, sugar, flour, salt and pepper, which i buy, from a mom and pop grocery store. Food costs went up 15% in the super markets. I support the locals, anyway i can.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for this David and to answer Jeff's issue - this is a binding referendum forced on the government for the very first time in Canada and the Commonwealth for exactly the reasons you outline.

To vote NO is to not only keep the HST but to reward a government for misleading its citizens.

I urge you and everyone to vote YES to Extinguish the HST and to make sure this government and future governments of all political stripes know they are accountable to voters - or else!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous

What does the increase in the price of chicken have to do with the HST? ou don't really support the locals, you only support yourself. I am guessing you also go to the doctor who works under the table and pay him since you don't like to pay your fair share of taxes but like to enjoy the benefits that are paid for by taxpayer dollars. Next time you have a loved one needing heart surgery, take to a place that is being subsided by the rest of us taxpayers - maybe some underground local tradesperson will help - they know how to work a hacksaw.

We have so much in this country and yet when a transparent tax is introduced you want to say hey wait a minute, I don't want to pay for stuff I have discretion at consuming. Remember you only pay HST on extras not necessities. Extras are something you spend your extra money on. Those who earn more, pay more because they spend more. How much more reasonable can a tax be?

I have not been to the Pantry or Mr. Mikes for more than decade, I believe there is a reason for their demise and it has nothing to do with the HST. Do you know that on most nights there are waiting lines at Milestones, Earls and the Cactus Club?

If you want to use a contractor that will save you a few thousand dollars because you will pay him in cash, remember this - there are two cheats you and the contractor. Two very dishonest people working together.