Saturday, March 22, 2008

Terrible Realization

I have a truly horrible thought.

I am now almost certain that Mayor Sam Sullivan will be re-elected.

As inappropriate or against the common good as that inevitability may be, it now seems unavoidable.

The mayor has the biggest possible advantage: His every utterance is front page material.

He can play out one insincere notion after another, every second or third day until November, and each of these pronouncements will get attention.

And each time his face is shown in the press with the title attached - Mayor - the thoughtless, sentimental average stupid voter will be passively impressed.

Whatever else I may think of Peter Ladner, Gregor Robertson, Raymond Louie, Allan De Genova or whomever else may throw his or her hat into the ring, not one of them has at his disposal the free publicity machine that is availed the incumbent. Not one of them has to date created an impression that is in any way bigger than Sullivan's.


Gazetteer said...

Of course, the irony is that those in the media who cover his Worship most closely are the very ones most likely to call him 'Sir Spam-A-Lot', but it, as you have pointed out, will do little good.......

(apologies for the drop shot over Ms. Bula's home court..... couldn't resist....I've tried to make up for it with a follow-up).



David Berner said...


Of course, I just got in from playing 3 sets of doybles at Stanley Park and Now I can hardly walk.

I've got to get over the idea that I am 18.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"I've got to get over the idea that I am 18."

No, you don't. Don't you dare. The day you get over that idea is the day you get old and its all downhill from there. ;-)