Saturday, March 22, 2008

When Your Government is Illegal

Handi-Dart has taken on new meaning.

Now, the accent is clearly on DART.

On Tuesday morning at about 10:15, I was heading towards a traffic circle at 8th and Highbury.

In front of me was a Translink Handi-Dart, a vehicle with the express purpose of serving the handicapped.

All over the world, drivers drive around traffic circles (in most countries to the right, in a few to the left). I have never seen anywhere except here in this frontier immature country, idiots drive the wrong way around these round-abouts.

I have seen police cars, private cars, city engineering trucks and so on blithely ignore the law and the safety of all and turn quickly to the left. I see these illegal activities almost daily.

On Tuesday, a Handi-Dart turned on his left turn signal and DART to the left, instead of driving around the circle as we are required by law to do.

The circle of juvenile illegality is now complete.

We can expect little that is reasonable now in public life.

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