Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No Comp for Land? Welcome to Russia

VICTORIA -- The B.C. government has quietly introduced legislation that would give it the formal right to retake control of certain public lands without paying compensation.

There's your opening paragraph in the business section of this morning's Sun.

Read the whole article and then please tell me what this is about.

Can you say, "Draconian," boys & girls?


Anonymous said...

David, perhaps the gov't is going to encourage BC Hydro to pursue Site C without compensation for the lands involved, or avoid compensation when the Gateway program goes into full gear. When the dam at Castlegar was built numerous residents lost their lands, homes and heritage without adequate compensation. They are UP TO NO GOOD, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Re: Land control rules to change
Government wants power to retake control of certain public property without compensation - SUN May 7/08

Pat Bell - "It (the new legislative amendment) was just intended to be very clear that if there is not a compensation model available in legislation it doesn't exist," he said. "It's clearing up an issue that could become a problem if the courts were allowed to continue to establish, as a result of cases that go to them, what compensation should be".

"There are all these new tenures coming up on the land base.....there is the potential for the courts to start creating different forms of compensation that are outside what the government would normally contemplate".

Such as - when you take control of a citizen's private business for years on end, to facilitate building a government funded and driven mega-project - the RAV/Canada Line?

There is no difference between expropriating the land, and rendering it useless.

When governments use their powers to confiscate value for the common good - individuals must be compensated.

The issue for the families along the Canada Line is not one of loss of profits. There has been no democratic process - no justice - no fairness.